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    Cyber Security Solutions play a vital role in protecting organizations against cyber attacks by following best practices like monitoring, early detection, protection for your critical business assets on-prem or on-cloud.

    IT Security Services Offerings

    Identity and Access Management

    Provide secured access to critical data and applications with multifactor authentication in order to maintain identities, data, services and devices.

    Data Protection and Privacy

    Data protection strategies for end-to-end data security for protection against data breaches.

    Cyber and Infrastructure Security

    End to end cyber security solutions with real time visibility for applications, networks, data and software systems.

    Security Assurance

    Assist clients in determining compliance levels of technical security with enhanced controls for regulation of applications against desired standards.

    IT Governance and Risk Compliance

    Transforming the existing businesses and processes for contractual compliance in order to strike the right balance between protection, privacy, growth and progress.

    IT Security Processes and Governance

    Types of Security Solutions

    Application Security

    Unifying devops, hardware and software techniques following the best practicies and procedures in order to protect computer apps from external threats.

    End Point Security

    End point security offers cutting edge protection for the network and other inter connected devices in order to ensure complete network protection.

    Network Security

    Robust network security is important to prevent unauthorized access to your network for preventing security threats.

    IoT Security

    Secured Network connection between IoT devices and software systems with strong firewalls and anti malware protection.

    Vulnerability Management Services

    Identifying gaps in security defences and address the security flaws and refine processes in order to maintain strong cyber security infrastructure.

    Cloud Security

    Cloud security becomes important with digital transformation in order to prevent security threats in advanced digital landscape.

    Benefits of Investing in Cyber Security Solutions

    Protects valuable information.
    Safeguard business from external threats.
    Protection against internal threats.
    Prevention of viruses, malware, spyware and identity threat
    Compliance regulation.
    Security for clients.
    Enhanced productivity.
    Reduced cost of development.
    Managing brand trust.

    Defend your organization against a wide variety of cyberthreats