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A Cloud And On-Prem Application Access Gateway For Your Enterprise

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    Optimize Your Organization’s Workforce with Appex Innovations web-based enterprise portal for integrating information, people, and accesses inside your organization. It enables company to categorize its applications and make it available for employees in a single interface for ease of access. It makes the process of searching for information much easier for the employees as they interact with the relevant information and applications at one place inside the portal.

    Why Do You Need An Enterprise Portal?

    Every employee has unique needs in the organization when it comes to access management. Enterprise management portal has diverse levels of access control and is consequently secure. The company admins can easily set access levels for employees at different levels within the organization in order to control the safety of the data. Appex Innovation’s enterprise platform gives you the ability to develop your own customized enterprise portal with special features, functions and design that supports your business.

    Level Up Your Organisation with Appropriate Enterprise Workforce Analytics (EWA)

    Our Enterprise workforce analytics allows you to measure the workforce performance against the enterprise’s objectives. Our platform’s management tools enables you to increase productivity in the workplace with maximum transparency. With increased efficacy and efficiency of your operations which can contribute positively to the development of your customers.

    Benefits Of Enterprise Workforce Analytics

    Reduce Distractions In The Workplace By Analysing Patterns

    When all desired information is provided to the employees at one central place, there is less scope of distraction and higher productivity

    Workforce Identity

    It is important to identify team members and assign them the desired access rights for seamless functioning within the organization. Various levels of acces control within the enterprise portal makes this achievable.

    60% Enhanced Efficiency For Work From Home

    Enterprise portals are designed to enhance teamwork in an organization. They are ideal for collaborative work across departments within the organization. Integrated communication within the organization is helpful in better utilization of resources and enhanced productivity.

    Identify The Finest Technologies For Enhanced Collaboration

    Best tools for team work can be integrated within the enterprise portal for enhanced collaboration. Finest technology and early adoption can enhance productivity and thereby offer better time to market.

    Secured Data On The Cloud

    With set encryption tools and best practices, enterprise portal incorporates zero trust security for all the data on the cloud. Controlled access protects any data loss, leakage or misuse through breaches.

    Workforce Management

    Workforce management allows creating, documenting, monitoring and optimizing the work force in order to achieve the desired goal or complete a specific task, workforce management allows optimization of the steps in the workflow to ensure the task is completed in due time with greater efficiency.

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