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Patients are often prone to treatment and regimen adherence problems. We at Appex Innovation understand that for most patients with diabetes, a one-size-fits-all approach to managing diabetes doesn’t augur well. From getting a glimpse of HbA1c levels vis-a-vis a given drug, TAT from symptom onset to diagnosis and follow-up to KPIs that capture cost incurred per patient, physician score carding our application caters to the entire spectrum of diabetes care.

Programs like the DRP and MU, and other regulatory measures, are well supported by our application. User-friendliness makes it an easy-to-use tool, and the depth and breadth it offers in the area of diabetes care makes it an invaluable companion to the clinical and research communities.

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    The delivery of healthcare services is becoming increasingly complicated, competitive, and demanding as a result of the confluence of rapid scientific discovery, innovation in healthcare technology, and rising customer expectations. However, by embracing a dedicated technology influx, healthcare organisations can achieve previously impossible things.

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    Cardiac Care Analytics

    The human and financial costs of cardiovascular disease are enormous. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States and was estimated to cost the United States $316.4 billion in 2010. Hypertension affects 1 in 3 Americans, increasing their risk for heart disease, stroke, or kidney disease at a potential cost of $76.6 billion a year in health care services, medications, and missed days of work.

    Cardiac care solutions from Appex Innovation are precisely engineered to meet this need that is so crucial to accurate and timely decision making.

    Stroke Care Analytics

    Stroke is a leading cause of serious, long-term disability. Stroke kills almost 130,000 Americans each year. On an average, one American dies from stroke every 3.3 minutes. Anyone, including children, can have a stroke. Every year about 800,000 people have a diagnosis of stroke – 610,000 of them have a new stroke diagnosed and about 185,000 patients— which is nearly one of four—are those that have previously had an episode of stroke.

    Mean cost per hospitalization for stroke care almost a decade ago was estimated to be approximating 43,000$ with the aggregate cost being 7 billion US $, implying that the current costs are much higher. At present, Stroke costs the United States an estimated $36.5 billion each year. Stroke care being an area of increasing concern, the relevance for an intelligent stroke care application such as we offer at Appex Innovation could not be more relevant.

    Clinical Intelligence And Analytics

    While more automation yields more data, more data proves a burden unless harnessed. Hospitals are seeing data volumes grow exponentially like never before. With all this growth, come pressing challenges. Making sense of all this data, which is more often than not, poorly organized, siloed, incomprehensible or incomplete, is one of the biggest challenges in contemporary healthcare.

    Appex Innovations Clinical Intelligence and Analytics tool helps you to transform this vast data into applicable clinical intelligence that simultaneously assists clinicians while benefitting the patient during his treatment, at the point of care, is much desirable.

    Revenue Cycle Analytics And Management

    The intricacies and difficulties that a hospital faces in maintaining a healthy cash flow while coping with an ever changing healthcare landscape is a veritable challenge. Meeting the evolving needs with limited resources needs acute insights that only in-depth analytics can offer. RCM intelligence is an application for revenue cycle management and patient billing that helps bring financial integration while offering simplification to allow hospitals gain smoother control over operational and financial processes to achieve real time savings of cost and time. Appex Innovation’s assists in the identification of leakages in the Revenue Cycle and provides analytics to fix them. The software addresses standard functional areas of finance, such as Patient Access, Revenue Integrity, Claims Analytics, and Reimbursement, amongst others, by utilising the set of KPIs that are approved by the industry and are standardised across the sector.

    Diabetes Care Analytics

    The myriad are the manifestations and affectation of diabetes. About 25.8 million people in the U.S. – or 8.3% of the population – have diabetes today. By 2050, it’s projected that one in three U.S. adults could have it. In 2010, 285 million people worldwide had diabetes, with that number projected to increase to 438 million by 2030.

    If not controlled, diabetes could cause serious complications on vital systems such as heart, kidney, nervous system, eyes, amongst others. Diabetes cost the U.S. $245 billion in 2012 alone. Cost of hospitalization for patients with diabetes was $10,937 in 2008 compared with $8,746 for patients without diabetes. We at Appex Innovation understand that for most patients with diabetes, a one-size-fits-all approach to managing diabetes doesn’t augur well. Patients are often prone to treatment and regimen adherence problems. Diabetes care analytics helps provide insights into patient’s past medical history and his respond to the treatment thereby providing accurate diagnosis and treatment solutions.

    LOS Analytics And Management

    As health care providers are under increasing need to find the optimal balance between quality of care delivered and operational costs incurred in a complex and changing environment that’s flooded with data from the EHR systems, analytics is perfectly poised to provide for those vital insights needed to steer clear of the care matrix and thereby the profitably. One of the prime focus point of every hospital case management department or utilization management team is the in-patient length of stay (LOS). Whether measured in hours of observation or days for inpatients, shorter is generally better, as an inpatient at an American hospital costs on an average more than $4,000 per day. At Appex innovations, we listen, we understand, we analyze. Our LOS analytics’ applications are sensitive yet robust to analyze the intricacies embedded inside the entire cycle of patient care.

    Population Health Management And Preventative Care Services

    As health care moves toward new payment incentives focused on value, it becomes imperative to manage the patient population more efficiently, drive better outcomes, and decrease overall cost. Population health management is an integral part to the next big leap for health care and is the key to accountable care and any tangible reform in the health care sector. We at Appex innovation support and actively participate in this transition through user friendly population health management application.

    Meaningful Use

    The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Electronic Health Records Incentive Program marks a new high in structuring electronic data capture and provider involvement in the process.

    As a facilitator and a prerequisite and to e-health and health information exchange, thrust for ubiquitous electronic health record (EHR) adoption has been a pioneering push in laying the foundations for a larger and grander national Health Information Exchange.

    Data captured by EHRs is invaluable as Inherent within the data are the solutions to many problems that plague operational and care quality area of hospitals.

    We present an integrated solution that collects traditional core measures, benchmarked data and intra-organizational comparison data and the latest industry metrics in addition to eMeasures, to support the most up-to-date and advanced decision making.

    Stay Ahead With ADVANCED ANALYTIC Solutions For Your Business

    While working with a setting that is becoming more data-driven, one of the most important challenges is to simulate the available alternatives and solutions when one has gained an understanding of issue areas or procedures that are inefficient. When coupled with Quantum Leap Analyst, Quantum Leap Advisor allows executives to not only assess current and historical data but also evaluate the influence that actions will have on the organization’s future. This evaluation may be performed both retrospectively and prospectively. In its operational version, Leap Advisor will take the shape of a platform that gives you the ability to either design new procedures for the company or reengineer the existing ones.

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    Providers And Payors

    For Providers:

    • Clinician Workload Management (CFO)
    • Clinician Workload Management (CQE)
    • Patient Population Management
    • Adverse Drug Interaction (Discovery)
    • Cardiology (CHF Patient Management)
    • Diabetes (Panel Management)
    • Patient Stratification
    • Multi-Factor radiology analysis (Tumor prediction)
    • Reimbursement Modeling
    • Readmission Modeling (Discovery/Prediction)
    • Revenue Cycle Management (Predictive)
    • Capacity Management (Discovery/Prediction)
    • Managed Care
    • Payment Bundling
    • Service Bundling
    • Attribution Modeling (Patient Safety)
    • PQRI
    For Payors:

    • Clinician Workload Management (CQE)
    • Member Population Management
    • Adverse Drug Interaction (Discovery)
    • Cardiology (CHF Patient Management)
    • Diabetes (Panel Management)
    • Member Stratification
    • Reimbursement Model Discovery
    • Payment Bundling
    • Fraud & Abuse Pattern Based Discovery/Prediction
    • Disease and Post Acute Care Management
    • PCMH / Perioperative MH
    • Managed Care (Code Management)
    • Medicare Advantage (CMPL Compliance)
    • Provider Quality
    • Life Science Solution

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