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    The Learning Management Portal (LMP) from Appex Innovation is a fully-customizable learning platform that facilitates the training of in-house employees, partners, and clients. Use our platform’s specialized tools & resources to create content and connect your courses to LinkedIn Learning and other platforms.

    We’re More Than Just A Learning Management Portal (LMP)

    Our learning platform is the digital hub for all your training needs. Choose from our extensive library of interactive e-learning content, or get in touch with our team to create your custom course and we’ll design it for you.

    Easy Creation – Effortless Curation

    Integrated with Multiple Sources

    Get the latest content from top e-learning content providers like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Future Learn, Udacity, Bizlibrary, and many others on your Learning Management Portal.

    Simple Course Creation

    Easily create Interactive Text & Animated Video content for your courses backed by powerful AI with the Learning Management Portal by Appex Innovation.

    Seamless Data Import

    Import your course data from multiple sources smoothly from different platforms to the Learning Management Portal.

    Specially Crafted Dashboard To Give Your People Centralized & Personal Learning

    Fostering A Culture Of Innovation

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