MyHealth Patient Portal

The Portal For Patient’s All-Round Health Insights

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    Your Health. Your Information. Your Control.

    MyHealth Patient Portal is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for patient engagement and empowerment across care continuums that integrates with any EMR system or Digital Learning Platform (DLP). This enables patients to digitally manage their health records, access their personal data, and be informed about the status of the health condition.

    The ULTIMATE Power of Self Healthcare

    Digitize Your Health Records With Ease

    Taking care of your health is now easy with MyHealth Patient Portal. It enables you to easily store and share your health records with providers at any point of time. With benefits like Improving patient and provider interaction, it helps providers to more diagnose patients effectively, reduce medical errors, and provide better health care.

    Get The Most Out Of The Patient Portal With Health Information And Relevant Insights

    Patient Portal’s goal is to help you get the most out of the system, by staying informed and engaged. To help people get healthier, the portal offers an AI based informative system that can curate content based on medical condition and complexity to support patient in improving his health

    Take Control of Your Health

    You deserve to be in control of your health, and Patient Portal makes it easy. With our care coordination concierge services, you can book appointments, get transportation assistance, and remote monitoring care at home. Patient Portal is the right digital platform that facilitates the management of preventative care and helps you take informed decision in critical health conditions.

    Easy EMR

    Providing EMR platform to medical insurance companies for employees enabling employer to provide benefits at the workplace.

    Easy Integration With

    National Health ID

    IOT Devices

    Telehealth Systems

    Remote Patient Monitoring Devices


    Ocean of Information

    Speedy and simplified method of obtaining a second opinion on your health condition via a virtual appointment with the provider.

    Easy Bookings

    Make an appointment with various medical facilities, such as clinics, radiology labs, pathology labs, physician offices, and healthcare systems.


    Collaborations with major health systems and registries, access to a seamless data interchange is provided.

    Seamless Management

    Manage your Regular Doctor Visits, Inventory of all your prescriptions and Medical Test Reports under one screen.

    Simple Yet Secure Patient’s Healthcare

    All These Top Class Features With Total Security – HIPAA-Compliant Transactions

    iCarePortals ensures that every single transaction is in complete compliance with HIPAA. In addition, iCarePortals adheres to a variety of other compliance standards, including SOC2, SOX, and others. Your data is digitally secured with layers of cybersecurity protection.


    Easy Self

    The user can register their own profile by using either their email address or their mobile number. Single sign-on login (SSO) option is also accessible for easy of  logging in.


    Health Record

    From uploading Your Previous Medical Records to downloading your current health records or simply sharing access of your health information with others with the ability to it via email or WhatsApp.


    Easy Appointment

    Appointments can be scheduled with clinics, radiology labs, pathology labs, physician practices, and health systems.

    Health-Tech Advisory

    Your Choice

    Have the Option to configure communication preferences via email or SMS.

    No More Scattered Health Data

    With patient portal, all your medical data which is scattered at different places with the health providers, physicians, insurance providers is aligned in a single Electronic Health Record to maintain a good health history for better diagnosis and care.

    Digitize Your Health Records With Patient Portal