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At Appex Innovation, we develop innovative products and offer specialized services that provide solutions for your growth.

We’ve packaged our offerings with partner applications to provide an effective and scalable solution to better serve you (our customers). We’ve also developed a market for applications, allowing for the integration of business problem and removing tech challenges along the way. As a result, you can do what you do best—treat patients and enhance healthcare—with the benefit of extensive, nationwide medical knowledge and powerful applications.


Appex Innovation envisions a healthcare system based on enhancing and utilizing latest technology for the benefit of Patient care


To provide technology-driven healthcare solutions that helps improve the delivery of care for patients, providers, health systems and humanity at large.

Values For A Futuristic Health Sector

We Aim To Be The Driving Force of Digital Transformation In Top Global Healthcare Facilities.

About The Founder

Ankur Vora brings with him about 20 years of expertise in Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Technology Automation in the healthcare industry. He holds a double major in Bachelor of Science in Information System Technology and Entrepreneurship from the United States.

He is an innovative and customer-centric leader and his companies provide integrated solutions for better health care for patients. He co-founded Appex Innovation in 2013 with the thought process of launching the ‘Appex – App Exchange Platform’ which would provide innovative products for automating healthcare with AI-driven smart care applications. Appex Innovation is a US company that has managed more than 1.8M lives on its platforms and now it’s penetrating the Indian market with its innovative offerings in healthcare.

A unique offering of the ‘MyHealth’ patient portal helps users digitize their medical reports, create profiles for families in order to store the entire family’s health history in one place, and help predict the type of health care based on pattern-based analytics for individuals and families. These reports can be shared with providers and families for health care advice, a second opinion, or in times of emergency. Additional features provided by MyHealth include a personalized healthcare manager who would take care of all healthcare needs making life simple and easy and providing great support in times of need.

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