Meaningful Use

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Electronic Health Records Incentive Program marks a new high in structuring electronic data capture and provider involvement in the process.

As a facilitator and a prerequisite and to e-health and health information exchange, thrust for ubiquitous electronic health record (EHR) adoption has been a pioneering push in laying the foundations for a larger and grander national Health Information Exchange.

Benefit for the Hospitals

Health care industry observes a growing quality reporting that remains important with newer financial incentives and penalties in programs established under the HITECH Act. To avoid incumbent penalties, hospitals must be engaging in meaningful use of certified Electronic health records latest by 2015.

To help Hospitals gain the best advantage of their investment on Certified EHRs and attestation exercise for meaningful use requirements, Appex innovations offers an in-depth and fully customizable meaningful use analytics module that can sit atop the EHR module, that goes beyond just the MU reporting facilitation and in many ways helps administrators address the issues that are real challenges on the ground.

While the adoption of certified EHR technology will enable organizations to attest for incentives, this by itself would not solve the problems associated.

Data captured by EHRs is invaluable as inherent within the data are the solutions to many problems that plague operational and care quality area of hospitals.

As health care providers capture vast amounts of detailed data, our solutions help clients fully leverage the power of this data to drive quality, safety and performance improvements within their organization. This can fuel powerful analysis and performance evaluation, as well as compare other quality reporting requirements.

Why Integrated Solutions from Appex Innovation?

We present an integrated solution that collects traditional core measures, benchmarked data and intra-organizational comparison data and the latest industry metrics in addition to eMeasures, to support the most up-to-date and advanced decision making.

Our applications help our clients succeed in this complex and competitive environment by providing innovative ways to utilize the power of data by seeking through to the root cause of problems and address them.