LOS Analytics and Management

As health care providers are under increasing need to find the optimal balance between quality of care delivered and operational costs incurred in a complex and changing environment that’s flooded with data from the EHR systems, analytics is perfectly poised to provide for those vital insights needed to steer clear of the care matrix and thereby the profitably.

One of the prime focus point of every hospital case management department or utilization management team is the in-patient length of stay (LOS). Whether measured in hours of observation or days for inpatients, shorter is generally better, as an inpatient at an American hospital costs on an average more than $4,000 per day.

As hospitals get Medicare and most Medicaid and third party Payor payments based on formula that is predetermined by DRG’s and doesn’t change with of the cost of care. In such a challenging scenario, the only way for hospitals to sustain profitably is to provide quality care as well as get the patient recovered soon and be discharged thereby keeping costs below the approved payment amount.

Why Appex Innovation’s LOS Analytics?

At Appex innovations, we listen, we understand, we analyze. Our LOS analytics’ applications are sensitive yet robust to analyze the intricacies embedded inside the entire cycle of patient care, pick the subliminal patterns that subsist thereof, and suggest viable actions to effectively address them. Whether it is a customary calculation of your hospital’s ALOS or a CMS suggested standard such as GMLOS, the application caters to the need.

Added to any inpatient stay there is an integral discharge process. While simple as it may seem, more often than not, it is one of the most common operational bottlenecks. Our applications come with an add-on discharge cycle manager that accurately pins down bottlenecks and shows time based analysis of areas of operational congestion, which could then be actively resolved, thus saving precious dollars.