iCare Application Suite

Our Healthcare Application Platform, Is A Highly Modular, Scalable, Flexible, And Interoperable.


Our iCare Application Suite captures a vast array of measures across the health care continuum via metrics that matter.

With an extensive set of pre-built apps that cover over 200+ KPIs around clinical, financial, operational, research and regulatory reporting, our applications offer powerful capabilities for advanced healthcare analytics, shared risk management, population health management and care coordination. It also provides advanced analytics capabilities like predictive, pattern based, and what-if analysis for readmission management, claim analytics, bundled payments, length of stay, and value-based purchasing. Our prebuilt dashboards and canned reports built on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform accelerates the value realization of analytics for healthcare customers.

iCare Application Suite

iCare Operational Apps

Referral Management

Provider E-score

Patient E-score

Modality E-score

Loss Analytics

iCare Financial Apps

Rcm Physician Practices
Rcm Hospitals
Claims Analytics
Collections & Denial Management
Rvu Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Bundled Payment
Value Based Purchasing
Care Co-ordination Performance Analytics
Health Risk Management

iCare Clinical

Stroke Care
Cardiac Care
Heart Failure
Physician Scorecard
Cancer Care

Advantages of iCare Application Suite

Compatibility To Oracle Ecosystem

We have taken into account the features of the Oracle BI tools and technologies while designing our applications.

The applications developed by us harness the power of Oracle tools and technologies to provide you a greater return on your investment.
The platform is fully complaint to Oracle’s Enterprise Healthcare Analytics platform.
The data marts are in conformance with the HDWF subject areas to address your business needs.

The compatibility to Oracle tools and technologies accelerate deployment of these apps for existing Oracle customers. It also makes the process of deployment far easier for customers who want to harness the capabilities of the Oracle technologies.

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