Customer Management Portal

Keep your business organized and in control with Appex Innovation’s easy-to-use customer management portal!


Appex Innovation’s customer management portal is a centralized hub where clients can handle various aspects of their relationship with the firm, such as tracking the status of open support tickets, reading relevant knowledge base articles, and participating in the community. It consolidates the organization’s web and app-based self-service options into a single, user-friendly hub.

Top Notch Industry Standard Features for a Seamless Customer Experience


Complete freedom to alter the portal's design to better reflect your company's aesthetic and Brand Guidelines.

Community forum

A community forum allows customers to ask questions, enter into debates, share knowledge, and discuss topics of common interest. In many cases, users can get information about how a product works or ask questions about specific features.

Chatbot integration

Chatbots allow customers to self-serve on a one-to-one level, making them a great addition to a customer portal. They can answer questions 24/7 and take over repetitive requests so your support team can focus on higher-stakes issues.

Mobile responsive

Customers today are on the go, and they should be able to access their customer portal from their mobile devices.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience with Appex Innovation’s CMP