Clinical Intelligence and Analytics

While more automation yields more data, more data proves a burden unless harnessed. Hospitals are seeing data volumes grow exponentially like never before. With all this growth, come pressing challenges. Making sense of all this data, which is more often than not, poorly organized, siloed, incomprehensible or incomplete, is one of the biggest challenges in contemporary healthcare. Appex Innovations Clinical Intelligence and Analytics tool helps you to transform this vast data into applicable clinical intelligence that simultaneously assists clinicians while benefitting the patient during his treatment, at the point of care, is much desirable.

Why Clinical Intelligence and Analytics?

With the help of advanced clinical analytics, healthcare professionals can make sense of the vast amounts of data. Providers dealing with huge amounts of data flowing from electronic health records (EHRs) and other information system as can turn data into intelligence by applying advanced clinical analytics. This intelligence is leveraged to comply with clinical reporting requirements.

Additional Benefits of Clinical Analytics:

  • Successfully produce the reports that enable compliance with accreditation and/or clinical measurement initiatives.

Quickly identify potential data issues or problem areas and subsequently design and implement routines to significantly improve the clinical reporting. Enhance current reporting and/or business intelligence efforts by optimizing the data that flows from inpatient hospital, EHR, and other databases. Leverage reference terminologies such as SNOMED CT®, ICD, to identify patient populations for analysis, increase the sensitivity/specificity of clinical analysis, and to enhance the proper identification of false positives.