Cardiac Care Analytics

The human and financial costs of cardiovascular disease are enormous. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States and was estimated to cost the United States $316.4 billion in 2010. Hypertension affects 1 in 3 Americans, increasing their risk for heart disease, stroke, or kidney disease at a potential cost of $76.6 billion a year in health care services, medications, and missed days of work.

Cardiac care solutions from Appex Innovation are precisely engineered to meet this need that is so crucial to accurate and timely decision making.

Why Cardiac Care Analytics?

With the increasing role of IT in health care, Hospitals are inundated with overflowing data. Harnessing it’s untapped potential requires powerful yet handy tools. Tools that are user-friendly, tools that help gaining comprehensive overview on-the-go and yet offer vital perspectives and simultaneously providing actionable insights churned out of analyzing the stacks of data, are the need of the hour.

Cardiac analytics applications contain a repository of measures drawn from across the industry standard resources spanning the entire spectrum of cardiac care that support various aspects of care dynamics. The solution intelligently shifts the data stored in the Electronic records, disease registries and other applications to exclusively bring out insights that support enhanced optimization of care management, improved quality of care and greatly improvised care experience via user friendly, easy to use, customizable dashboards, enabling the organizations to actualize the full potential and value of their technology investments. The application helps hospitals track and measure outcomes of treatment for patients with a diagnosis of Coronary

Artery Disease and other heart disease and related conditions besides supporting compliance to PQRS, HEDIS, NCDR, ACC (American College of Cardiology) AHA (American Heart Association) measures as well as help hospitals attest hospital incentive programs like meaningful use. The extant sets of measures can be fully customized such as by adding additional internal, external, Cross facility benchmarks and scorecards, as well as by issuing necessary advisories and the latest practice alerts, fully designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of the users.